Who are the Dominican Nuns of West Springfield?

A look at our roots.


How does one become a nun?

An overview of the steps involved.

Is Jesus calling you to be a nun?

How to contact us for more information

A life completely for God and for the salvation of the world

  • Vibrant Community Life
  • Choral Office
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Papal Enclosure
  • Faithful to the Magisterium
  • Devoted to Our Lady
  • Traditional Habit

Mother of God Monastery

The Monastery of the Mother of God is a community of Dominican Nuns in West Springfield, Massachusetts.  Although autonomous in our government, we share a close bond with all Dominican Nuns through our one Constitutions.  Wholly devoted to the contemplative life, we observe papal enclosure and have solemn vows.  Our income is derived chiefly from our prayer cards and personalized remembrance cards.  Our most important work, however, remains our liturgical and private prayers.


What makes Dominican nuns different from other nuns?

Some important aspects of our life


Why join a monastery?

The common life is for discipleship, the Sequela Christi.
See photos of the Sisters and our Monastery.