Signs God may be calling you

We encourage young women interested in a religious vocation to contact us and arrange for an afternoon visit, or, if over the age of 18, for a weekend retreat.  Do you feel attracted to singing the Divine Liturgy, to Eucharistic Adoration, to Our Lady's rosary, to reading and pondering the truths of our Faith?  Perhaps God is calling you!


A religious vocation is a call to a certain way of life. As with every form of life, there are various stages of growth and development.

The seed is planted . . . 


 The first step is the aspirancy.  It is a time to "come and see," and involves two weekend retreats in our extern quarters, followed by two more weekends and an extended live-in experience within the enclosure.

Becoming rooted . . .


After an aspirant applies and is accepted for admission to our community, the first year to year-and-a-half is spent as a postulant.  One is given time to adjust to a whole new culture, so different from the world "outside."  The rhythm of our daily life starts to "form" the person as a nun, a woman religious serving God through the purely contemplative life.

The Flowering of Virtue . . .


 The novitate begins with the clothing in our Dominican habit, but with a white, and not a black, veil.  The novice also receives a new name: "In the world, you were known as ... [such and such] ... now you will be called ... [such and such].  It is a special two-year period of coming to understand more deeply our way of life and of preparing for the taking of vows.



After the novitiate is completed, first profession of vows is made.  According to our custom, this is in the hands of one's prioress, and begins another probationary period lasting three or more years.  Finally comes the happy day when the sister can extend these vows "until death," in what is called "solemn vows."  This totally offering of herself to God is witnessed by the Church and sealed for life.  Though hidden from the eyes of the world, her religious consecration bears a wondeful fruitfulness in souls.  May God be pleased to increase our numbers!  How much the world needs our prayers!  



After first profession, the sisters remain in the novitate until a period of integration into the professed community.  They still have their studies, but start to help out in different areas in regards to community work.  As always, recreation remains a time for building friendships.


The Call

It is God who puts into the human heart the thought and desire to become a nun, a woman totally consecrated to Him.  A religious vocation is first of all a gift from God!